Job Opportunities


Work at JPED

JPED Academy believes in the philosophy of being people-oriented. The school provides one-stop training and continuous companionship for young international students before and after going abroad. We teach the students in accordance with their aptitude, advocate companionship and encourage teachers and children to learn from each other and make progress together. 
The school regards the development of teachers and the school with the same significance. We hope that the faculty of the school can grow together with the school, innovate continuously, and make self-breakthroughs. 
While providing a generous salary and welfare, we also provide opportunities and growth space for all faculty to make progress. On the basis of social medical insurance, we provide the faculty with additional high-end medical and accident insurance to ensure that the health of the faculty is fully guaranteed.  
We provide a variety of sports courses including badminton, volleyball, tennis, skiing, basketball and physical fitness training. The free gym and dance and Yoga classroom are open to all the students and faculty of the school to ensure the physical and mental health and amateur entertainment of the staff. We have a reading club for all staff to discuss the significance of education together.  
We have staff language classes taught by Chinese and foreign teachers respectively to help everyone in their language learning. There are also huge discounts on tuition fees for the children of the staff members to study in the school. We invite teachers to take part in the regular team-building, traveling abroad with the projects, birthday parties for the staff members, and various project-based learning for students.  
Here, learning is completed by all the staff and education is carried out in a community-based three-dimensional way. The interaction between home and school, between students, and between teachers and parents has become a kind of communication from the past to the future, which is no longer the traditional indoctrination education. Here you can harvest your personal education ideals and find a full learning space.