Principal’s Message


Principal’s Message

We hope that you can take learning as an interest, hold your curiosity, and look forward to everything, every challenge, and every task that comes with the new semester. Every day, we will go all out and create a more beautiful and sustainable world where everyone has a sense of mission. This is the topic of my speech last year.

This year I want to talk about the power of faith.

Firstly, believe in the power of learning.

Adolescence is not easy, and you will confront many new challenges. In this process, the body is changing; the mind is growing. There will be many choices in your lives: choose friends to associate with; choose your own hobbies; choose the majors to be engaged in later; choose the country to go to. These may be the expectations of your parents. But as a school, we believe this should not be set and we only hope that you will always choose to be a good person and challenge yourself.

Believe in what you originally believed. However, on the road of receiving education, you have to establish your own logical thinking, not just to accept it, but to analyze, to think, to judge, to summarize,and to reflect. You are growing up on the road of a long life!

Explore yourself, explore the world, and most importantly, keep your initial heart. On the basis of integrity and kindness pursue excellence and believe in yourself! Be bold and creative.

Secondly, believe in the power of questioning.

Sometimes you may feel that you are not understood by teachers and parents. In fact, when you grow up, you will find that not everyone is good at understanding, but most of our Chinese families are not good at communicating.

I hope that we can make a promise to all parents, faculty members, and students that we will continue to improve ourselves according to your needs. Learning is a lifelong journey. Children are more like mirrors of adults and society, urging us to keep improving ourselves.

Even if you question something, we don't want you to go with the tide. However, the opposite side of love is not hate, but indifference. You should have a kind of truth and willingness to question things. This was the critical thinking that US high schools focus on developing.

Gandhi said: be the change you want to see in the world. I want to give this sentence to all parents. You are the first personal tutor of your children, and an eternal model for them to follow. We are all still very young! We can’t just talk the talk, we also have to walk the walk. 

We must reflect ourselves all the time. If we want to see some changes in students, we must take the lead to practice and be the change we want to see in our kids.

Thirdly, believe in yourself and believe the world will change because of you.

Professor Tina Seeling, who has taught at Stanford University for twenty years, shared three lucky rules from the research in her entrepreneurial discipline: 

The first point: jump out of the comfort zone;

The second point: experience the joy of gratitude and sharing;

The third point: possess a growing, learning mindset.

Ask yourself two questions every day:

1. What have I done today that I have never done before?

2. Did I give it all today? If you have done, give yourself a big compliment. If you don't do this, give gratitude to the person who gave you.

From now on, you will find out that your ability and popularity will grow abruptly. As you become stronger and stronger with many followers, you will already have two important qualities of being a leader.

Certainly, these beautiful personality traits, along with your knowledge structure, can be learned, integrated, and analyzed. Then you can lift your awareness of the world and you can gradually get self-reconciliation with your youth. I hope that you can make a difference in your favorite field because I believe and see that life is more than just the struggling in front of eyes, but also poetry and distance.

Last but not least, I would like to say thanks to all parents of the previous session. This is a great investment of faith. Thank you for your courage and vision. For the old students, I want to say: thank you for dispelling all worries and uneasiness of running a school. You let us now have a very high morale and confidence in the education. For new students and your parents, I want to say to everyone: I have always waited for your arrival. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

I have said so many words, but you don't have to feel so stressful. Children, who are obedient and can't lift their heads from books, can't be created. Although you have shouldered the mission, all adults who are present today are still young, and we can patiently accompany you to grow up. For the dreams you make, we will accompany you to achieve together. You are full of enthusiasm; don't be afraid to make mistakes, not to mention life is not afraid to start all over again. The rocket developed by Elon Musk was also only successful in the fourth attempt. The first version of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter was rejected by publishers 12 times before it was finally published. What about Michael Jordan? When he was in high school, he was turned away from the basketball team. In his career, he missed thousands of shots and lost hundreds of games. Do you know what he said? He said: I have been continually failing during my life, failing and failing again. This is why I am now successful.

If you know the difficulties ahead, know that you will be frustrated, and want to declare a war with injustice in the world. We will applaud for you when you try to achieve all the good things in your dreams.

I only hope that you believe in yourself, because only by believing you can see it. Only by seeing it you can continue to create and share!

When you go aboard, you must remember:

What you are means what China is;

You have light, and the world is no longer dark.

Dear all, all of our faculty, staff and parents, let us build and guard this pure land: children can trust each other, explore themselves in their own rhythm, swim in the ocean of knowledge, and grow and create everything with imagination. 

A single spark can start a prairie fire! From today, we will sail into the distance together!

Thank you very much!