Student Union

Student Union

The Student Union is a mass organization created by the students spontaneously. It is one of the organizational structures in the school now, and a bridge and link between the students and the school. A small and beautiful international college, JPED Academy values individualized teaching according to the students' aptitude, and strengthens the students' comprehensive ability in various ways. The Student Union organized by the students themselves is an effective way to train them. The school will give positive guidance and support to make contributions to the better construction of the community. Our students' own influence is participating in elections and becoming members of the Student Union, serving the students and becoming the bridge between the school and students, and exercising their leadership and expanding their influence through this service.

Students' own influence

participate in the election and become members of the Student Union

The virtuous circle ecological chain of
students' personal development

exercise their leadership and expand their influence in the service

serve the students and become the bridge between the school and students

Student Unionadvantage

School year election system

The school year election system is adopted by the Student Union of JPED Academy. Every student has the opportunity to become a member of the Student Union in the new school year and contribute to the better construction of the community.

Full participation system

Full participation is adopted for JPED's Student Union campaign. The school's cleaning, security and other administrative personnel will participate in the voting.

Independent voting system

There is no fixed requirement for the voting of the Student Union of JPED Academy. The principle is "choose who you love, and love who you choose in the future".

Votes counted in public

In order to ensure fairness, justice and openness, the Student Union of JPED Academy seal the voting cards instantly and the votes are counted in public by both teachers and students.