Community Service


Community Service

JPED Academy has inherited a teaching program characteristic which has lasted for nearly a hundred years – Hands to Work.Every week, Wednesday is the fixed day for volunteer community service. Different volunteer service activities help the students build good links with the outside world, establish a correct and positive outlook on life and values and cultivate their empathy.

Community service program "Together with Love“. As a harmonious and loving community, JPED Academy unites the kindergartens around the campus by organizing friendship activities, like helping kindergartens maintain campus facilities, playing games with children, etc., to transmit the friendly social atmosphere and cultivate the students' love, patience and hands-on ability.

Growing Together - kindergarten community service

Yanyuan community, home of Taikang, has introduced the international leading CCRC old-age provision model, equipped with professional rehabilitation hospitals and professional nursing equipment. As the first international high school cooperating with the Yanyuan community, JPED students come to the community every Wednesday morning to volunteer for the elderly. By teaching the elderly to use high-tech products such as computers and mobile phones as well as playing shuffle board, go, the piano and learn to paint with the elderly, the students develop awareness of community service, patience and a sense of responsibility.

Taikang Yanyuan community service

As a cooperative partner of Pengying School, the students of JPED Academy teach English to the students of Pengying School three times a week to help them improve their English, sense of responsibility and empathy.

Pengying English teaching community service

As a future school with a sense of social responsibility, JPED Academy cultivates students' empathy by serving the surrounding communities. With the core goal of improving the management and service of orphanages, JPED Academy and the orphanages around Changping raise money for orphanages by selling hand-made leather works of art so as to further improve the quality of life in the orphanages.

Orphanage - community service project of handmade leather goods bazaar