Faculty & Staff

Pei Jing

Member of the Board of Darrow High School, Member of the Board of Beijing BISS International School, Member of the Board of Trustees of Private High Schools in the United States, and also a developer and promoter of project-based learning,Post-graduate with a Master's degree from the School of Public Policy, Brown University, a famous Ivy League school, majoring in education policy. Worked in the governor's office of Rhode Island, Puerto Rico New Economy Think Tank, etc.

Richard Pratt

A veteran intercultural educator with over thirty years of experience in top schools around the world, Mr. Pratt has held teaching leadership positions at Eton College in the UK for fifteen years. He has also been the founding Director of Hangzhou Chinese International School since 2012, the Director of Education for Charterhouse School in Asia since 2018, the Foreign Principal at Avenues: The World School in Shenzhen since 2022, and a member of the Board of Directors of Teach for China. He holds a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, Masters degrees in Education and Psychology from the Open University and University College London, and professional teaching qualifications from the University of Melbourne and the University of Huddersfield.

Danyu Mo
Executive principal

Ms. Mo got her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mathematics from Beijing Normal University, a Master's degree in Education from the United States, and certification as an International Education Consultant from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).Head of the "Study Abroad Chronicles" program at China National Radio and a specially appointed Study Abroad Expert for the China Association for International Education. With over ten years of experience in the international education industry, they have previously held positions at the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and in high-level roles at a large international education group."

Associate Dean of Students

He graduated from the University of International Business and Economics, majoring in International Trade and Economics.He has more than 10 years of experience in international education, and has taught ESL courses in London, England, and founded a company.An educational consulting firm that advises more than 100 students and adults on academic and career decisions Inquiry service.

He is enthusiastic, hard-working and reliable, and is a rare blend of international education, management and strategic development.Experience as an educator.

Daniel Liu
Head of Sports

Master's degree from Capital Sport University, 7 years of experience in international sports project management, rich experience in events, rich coaching resources and competition resources for the school, rich experience in events, passionate about sports.
He advocates that students should build positive personalities and strong bodies through sports activities to meet future challenges.

Peter lan Chesterton
Head of Humanities

He graduated from Waikato institute of technology majoring in communication and journalism, and then from the University of Waikato, one of the top eight universities in New Zealand, and was listed on the Dean's list for Academic Excellence for his work in sociology and anthropology. He has worked as an academic coordinator in international schools in China, and taught IELTS, TOEFL, ESL, EAP, and academic English courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has worked as a director in sales managing and training employees in marketing positions. He is experienced in organizing academic teaching, curriculum design, student activities, etc. 

Jairo Benitez Torres
Head of Art

Graduated from the University of California, Davis. Fluent in both English and Spanish, he has taught various subjects, including History, Art, Spanish, and English, in multiple countries. He possesses extensive experience in art education. He is a creative educator and lifelong learner. He loves the education industry and helps students discover their potential, set goals, and improve their abilities. Furthermore, He has a strong passion using art and design education to walk students through idea development.

Hongliang Zhou
Head of STEM

Mr. Zhou has a bachelor's degree from the University of Technology, Sydney, majoring in mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, and a master’s degree from the University of New England. When he was studying at the university, that was very fun to solve all kinds of problems and to have the mind to create and design as an engineer, his experience made him fit in the position of JPED completely. Here, it’s an environment of people with empathetic understanding, and dedication, which he has the pleasure of teaching and the absolute joy of collaborating with all colleagues and students.

Nina Wang
College Prep Director

Master of Finance, University of Sheffield.She has worked in a number of multinational enterprises, assessed and analyzed the academic and basic background of more than 400 high school students, provided college admission guidance and written documents to help students apply for their favorite universities. She has 9 years of experience in overseas study industry, study abroad application expert, IACAC member、China ICAC member、 BOSSA study abroad consultant, GCDF international career planner.

Min Peng
School Counselor

She is in charge of SI Teaching Demonstration Base in Beijing area has years of front-line positive family discipline counseling experience, which provides high-quality teaching materials for the General Psychology Course that teenagers enjoy. She is also in charge of positive family education, helping parents change the educational model, accompanying children to grow up together, creating a positive environment for education.

Chujun Song
Assistant to the Principal

She graduated with a master's degree in Contemporary European Studies from the EU Erasmus Project and won a scholarship. For her bachelor’s degree, she graduated Wuhan University. Deep in the education industry, she has served as a lecturer in the international MBA program of US stock listed companies, a consultant in the consulting department of Price Water House Coopers (Education business line), and a university project leader in the Beijing office of Junior Achievement (the world's largest non-profit youth education organization). Career Planner, which provides vocational education courses and one-to-one counseling services to over 4000 university students and professionals.

Jing Yang
Assistant to the Principal

Graduated from the University of Tampa in the United States, 10 years of study and work experience in the United States, worked in top multinational companies, and operated a number of IT-related projects, has rich project operation experience. He loves sports and has won the Most Valuable Player of the American private high School Basketball League. Have a strong cross-cultural communication and coordination ability, coordination and organization ability, independent project operation ability

Yanyan Wei
Director of COE

She received her Master's degree in Education from the University of Bath and her Bachelor's degree in Law from Jinan University .She loves the education industry and is good at communicating with students and understanding the university application requirements of various English-speaking countries.She helps students match academic competitions and public welfare projects to enhance their academic background and enrich their volunteer experience.

Jingran Ren
Admissions Director

She recieved her Bachelors of Science degreefrom Utah State University and her Master of Arts degree from the University of Leicester. As a former former admissions representative of a well-known American University in China, she is assionate about education and understand the needs of young prospective students who desire to study abroad. She has over 7 years of experience in the front end of the education industry. She understands the trends and demands for student who desire to study abroad. She has brought the school over 100 training courses, and an abundance of  resources to improve student and parent knowledge or international higher education.

Songbin Huang
Marketing &Branding Director

A Sun Yat-sen University graduate, Bin embarked on a unique career journey, setting himself apart from the conventional path. He dedicated two transformative years to the Teach For China program, where he wholeheartedly immersed himself in teaching in the remote regions of Yunnan, driven by a profound commitment to reform rural education.Following this impactful endeavor, Bin ventured into a diverse array of entrepreneurial pursuits. Notably, he spearheaded the creation of Mantra, China's pioneering buy-one-donate-one charity brand, which garnered an unprecedented response in the market. His visionary leadership also extended to roles as an Assistant General Manager (C-level) at esteemed organizations such as WildChina, ByteDance, and Xicheng Education Investment. Additionally, he served as an external consultant at McKinsey Business School, a distinguished branch of McKinsey, where his expertise contributed to strategic innovation.

Sha Shi
Human Resources Director

She holds a Master's Degree in Financial Engineering and a double Bachelor's Degree in economics and mathematics from Malardalen University, in Sweden. During her time abroad, she served as the head of the Swedish non-profit organization SIFE. She has over 7 years of educational experience in Northern Europe that helped give her a deep understanding and knowledge of the world and global community. Ms. Sha has also received her PBL certification from Kupu Hou Academy, which helped her bring an innovative sprit and approach to her position at JPED Academy.

Lingxiao Fang
Logistics Director

He graduated from Beijing Sport University .Professional golf coach, engaged in events for many years, has organized many events, and has rich experience in event organization. At the same time, he has carried out professional training for genetic counselors with Chinese Genetic Association, and served as the lecturer of Beijing minimally invasive medical products.

Head of Boarding&HOG

She graduated from Civil Aviation University of China majoring in English.She has worked as ESS Aviation Support Officer, Rise English K3-S2 English teacher, and Child Walker International Program Specialist with three years of education and outdoor experience. She has obtained MHK Certificate, TOEIC Advanced Certificate and Kayak Paddle board Certificate.

Xiaohua Chen
Finance Director

Graduated from University of Science and Technology Beijing, she has more than 20 years of financial work experience, serving as the financial manager of the group, the financial manager of the project company, the accounting supervisor and the accountant for many years, and has a comprehensive grasp of the accounting business. She has worked in the financial department of several group management companies, involving production, sales, medical treatment, property management, investment, aquaculture, tourism, energy, education and other fields. She has rich experience in financial management and certain experience in corporate financial management. She has accumulated rich experience in financial system formulation, financial budget, financial final accounts, accounting treatment, tax treatment and other aspects, and has the ability of multi-caliber financial accounting and financial analysis to ensure the company's financial operation and business operation.