Faculty & Staff

Yucheng Bao
Art Teacher

He graduated from China Education Institute for International Exchange majored in Music. He has participated in music performances for many times, and is proficient in guitar, bass, drum set, African drum, ukulele and other instruments. He has years of experience in music education and training, and is able to guide students with solid basic skills and plan various artistic performances.

Shishi Zhou
Assistant of Dean of studies

She graduated from Jungwon University majoring in International Trade
She won the university scholarship many times during her study abroad. Once worked in a well-known investment consulting company, responsible for the copywriting work of the project department; she worked as an English teacher in a well-known language training company. Proficient in English and Korean, strong language skills, she is careful and meticulous work.

Adam Carter
Academic advisoror

Bachelor’s Degree and Honor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology of University of Michigan
in 1992-1996
World-wide educator with a focus on creating engaging learning experiences in the classroom, while providing caring mentorship outside the classroom. Twenty years of humanitarian work, travel and teaching in over one hundred countries results in a wealth of teachable experiences in the classroom. A life-long learner with a deep interest in history, geography, languages, brain-based learning and global education. Combines constructivist approach with digital tools to foster 21st Century skills and high levels of academic achievement.

Alan Kinsella
STEM Teacher

Majored in Industrial and Environmental Physics at the Technological University Dublin,TEFL International English Teacher Certificate, six years of international education and teaching experience.
Good at curriculum design, classroom management, laboratory management, and personalized teaching for each student's characteristics.
As a creative educator, he loves the education industry and to help students set goals and achieve improvement.
He is also a teacher of academic rigor, requiring students to communicate 100% in English in class.

Pei Jing
Founder and Principal of JPED Academy
Board Member of Darrow School

Post-graduate with a Master's degree from the School of Public Policy, Brown University, a famous Ivy League school, majoring in education policy. With 10 years of experience in the United States. Worked in the governor's office of Rhode Island, Puerto Rico New Economy Think Tank, etc.

Nina Wang
Head of college Counseling/Writing teacher

Master of Finance, University of Sheffield.
She has worked in a number of multinational enterprises, assessed and analyzed the academic and basic background of more than 400 high school students, provided college admission guidance and written documents to help students apply for their favorite universities. She has 8 years of experience in overseas study industry, study abroad application expert, BOSSA study abroad consultant, GCDF international career planner.

Hongliang Zhou
STEM Teacher

Master of Business from the University of New England and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology Sydney
During the time in Sydney, He worked in the front line of vehicle technology, mainly responsible for the retail, cleaning and installation of auto parts. After returning to China, he worked in a number of international education consulting companies, mainly responsible for language training and preparatory class teaching, including language training programs, IELTS and TOEFL speaking teacher training, etc. He has participated in teaching and research, examination teaching and research work for many times and independently completed the compilation of oral English textbooks.

Elizabeth Grace Witcher
Humanity teacher

She holds a Master's degree in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University and an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University.
She has a diversity of teaching experiences, having taught both the American and British curriculums across five cities in China. Liz enjoys integrating her cross-cultural communication skills into her curriculum and challenging students to examine historical and literary concepts from multiple perspectives. She also enjoys mentoring students as they prepare for their international collegiate lives.

Yilin Xu
Humanity/Art teacher

Master Visual Communication
He has taught in Purdue University (undergraduate design major)/TESOL Expert level Certificate/Art portfolio tutor/Elementary Spanish and German
With a relaxed and humorous teaching style, he is proficient in English teaching and has 8 years of experience in teaching IELTS general subjects (listening, speaking, reading and writing), adult English and youth English. He has thousands of hours of teaching time, online and offline, live and recorded. He has served as the subject leader and responsible for curriculum research and development, teaching and research in well-known institutions. He has a very unique understanding of English and art teaching and uses an efficient and effective teaching method.

Yi Wen
JPED College Counselor tutor

Senior study abroad expert, member of Expert Committee of Beijing Study Abroad Industry Service Association, American ACT certified Advanced Education Index; Special guest of \"Study Abroad for You\" program of China Education Television Station.
Founder of Overseas Study Abroad Popcorn, an Internet we-media
The master lecturer of the overseas study course loved by more than 100,000 fans!

Jairo Benitez Torres
Art Director

Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Davis
Fluent in English and Spanish. He has taught various subjects as an educator (Spanish, English, History, and Art) in several countries. He has a rich experience in art education. As a creative educator and lifelong learner, he loves the education industry and helps students discover themselves, set goals and improve their abilities. Have a high pursuit of art and design.

Ryan Lowell Myers
Humanity teacher

Ryan did his undergraduate studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, followed by a two-year language course in Mandarin Chinese at the Beijing Language and Culture University. Ryan then went on to work for the Beijing Foreign Studies University making educational videos, after which he started teaching off of the camera too.
He has a lot of experience in language teaching, including: IELTS, TOEFL, EAP, and phonetics. He has deep research on Chinese culture and has written educational scripts in both Chinese and English. Ryan is currently studying Dutch, and continues to enjoy learning.

Yang Song
HSP Teacher/STEM Teacher

Master of TESOL from the University of Leeds and double degree in Management/Finance from Tianjin Polytechnic University.
She is familiar with the English learning characteristics of students of different ages. She combines traditional Presentation, Practice and Production with emerging teaching concepts to provide different learning experiences for students of different ages. She is good at using multimedia resources to cultivate students' enthusiasm and interest in English learning. Strong teamwork ability, diligent and optimistic, keen on innovation and challenges

Associate Dean of Faculty

International Trade and Economics, University of International Business and Economics
A firm believer in ‘innovate from solid foundations’ with more than 10 years of experience in international education teaching STEM subjects, and Economics at high school, he started his teaching career in London, UK. Later founding an education consulting company, that provided academic and career direction consulting services to more than 100 students and adults.
He is enthusiastic, hard-working and reliable, and a rare educator with experience in international education, management and strategic development.

Mengfei Li
Humanity teacher/Event planner

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication, Regent University
Houghton University, Bachelor of Arts in Communications
Love literature, proficient in Chinese, English, German three languages, good at international media project management, multicultural team work. In 2018, he served as a volunteer to provide translation services for the National Convention Center. Between 2013 to 2018, he worked in CBN News International News Department. Cross-disciplinary work experience and cultural links from different countries enrich teaching and bring students to experience the charm of different languages.

Danyu Mo
Executive Headmaster of JPED Academy
College Counseling tutor/Writing teacher

She received her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from Beijing Normal University and her Master's degree in Mathematical Logic and Computer Science. She has previously studied at Univeristy of California (Los Angeles) and Hawaii Pacific University. She was also in charge of the \"Fax of Study Tour\" program for the Central People's Radio Station.
Principal Mo has been honored as a resident guest of China Education Television's Study Abroad for You Study Program which invites special experts for reseacrh and discussion under the Association of Overseas Education Agencies.

Hanyang Xu
Art teacher/Head of Clubs

Graduated from the University of York with a master's degree in Vocal and instrumental music teaching.
During the school years, he participated in many concerts and performances. He has supervised music festivals and conducted and rehearsed opera band performances for many times. He has strong organization and coordination ability and education consciousness. He is good at discovering students' characteristics and making them play to their own advantages.

Peter lan Chesterton
HSP Academic Director/Humanity teacher

HSP Academic Director/Humanity teacher
He graduated from the University of Waikato, one of the top eight public schools in New Zealand, and was listed on the Dean's list for Academic Excellence.
He has worked as an academic coordinator in international schools in China, and taught IELTS, TOEFL and ESL English courses. He has worked as a director in sales and led employees to complete the tasks of marketing positions. Good at organizing academic teaching, curriculum design, student activities, etc.

Shani Brown
Dean of studies

She holds a Master's degree in Digital Education from the University of Leeds and a Bachelor's degree from the College of William and Mary
She has obtained an Arizona Teacher’s Certification from Moreland University as well as a TEFL Certification (General English Teacher Certificate), and HSK 5 (Chinese Language Test ) certificate.
She has worked as a history and civics teacher at T.C. Williams High School, a public high school in the United States, and a counselor and mentor for school admissions. She has nearly 10 years of teaching experience in public and private high schools in the United States.

Yi Wang
STEM Teacher

Master of Biology, University of Mainz, Germany
Proficient in German and English, has worked as an engineer in a number of leading companies in the field of biology and semiconductor technology, passionate about the education industry. In the process of teaching, he has developed a proficiency at processing the subject knowledge and opening students' exploration and pursuit of science and technology in a vivid and interesting way.

Yu Bi
JPED Academy Cofounder/Vice Principal
Director of Global Impacts Programs

Graduated from Columbia University, one of the top five universities in the United States, with a master's degree in Enterprise Risk Management; a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Economics from UCLA; high school education at a top high school in the east of US; 10 years of education in the United States; worked in the Education Institute of Kisakallio Sports Institute in Finland, teaching in English to get students connected to pure American high school education, project-based learning (PBL), etc

Min Peng
JPED School Counselor

National Systematic Family Therapist
Supervised by a family Education consultant
She in charge of SI Teaching Demonstration Base in Beijing area has years of front-line positive family discipline counseling experience, which provides high-quality teaching materials for the General Psychology Course that teenagers enjoy. She is also in charge of positive family education, helping parents change the educational model, accompanying children to grow up together, creating a positive environment for education.

Simon Holzapfel
Darrow School President

Master's degree from UMass Amerst, bachelor's degree from Carlton college. I have been engaged in the education industry since I graduated from university. I love helping students find their new ideas and abilities. When I first came to JPED Academy, I taught economics and other courses as a teacher. Then I was promoted Director from Dean of JPED Academy.

Lumin Zhang
Director of Marketing
Business management teacher/Business competition teacher

Master of Integrated Marketing Communication, University of Hong Kong
He is a marketing expert for young students in North America. He used to be the marketing director in China of a well-known international education service agency. She is responsible for the enrollment of nearly 200 top private high schools in North America in the Asia-Pacific region, serving over 1,000 high net worth families. She has also worked for a Fortune 500 Company.

Sha Shi
Director of HR
Nutrition Teacher

She holds a Master's Degree in Financial Engineering and a double Bachelor's Degree in economics and mathematics from Malardalen University, in Sweden. During her time abroad, she served as the head of the Swedish non-profit organization SIFE. She has over 7 years of educational experience in Northern Europe that helped give her a deep understanding and knowledge of the world and global community. Ms. Sha has also received her PBL certification from Kupu Hou Academy, which helped her bring an innovative sprit and approach to her position at JPED Academy.

Jingran Ren
Director of Admissions

She recieved her Bachelors of Science degreefrom Utah State University and her Master of Arts degree from the University of Leicester. As a former former admissions representative of a well-known American University in China, she is assionate about education and understand the needs of young prospective students who desire to study abroad. She has over 6 years of experience in the front end of the education industry. She understands the trends and demands for student who desire to study abroad. She has brought the school over 100 training courses, and an abundance of  resources to improve student and parent knowledge or international higher education.

Lingxiao Fang
Director of Financial/Logistics
Gardening Teacher

Bachelor's degree from Beijing Sport University
Professional golf coach, engaged in events for many years, has organized many events, and has rich experience in event organization. At the same time, he has carried out professional training for genetic counselors with Chinese Genetic Association, and served as a lecturer of Cook Medical Products.

Yanyan Wei
Head of COE center/Competition tutor

She received a Master's degree in Education from the University of Bath and a bachelor's degree in law from Jinan University
She loves the education industry, is good at communicating with students, understands the application requirements of English speaking countries, helps students to match the right academic competition through communication with students to enhance their academic background.

Chujun Song
Assistant of principal Jing

She graduated with a master's degree in Contemporary European Studies from the EU Erasmus Project and won a scholarship. For her bachelor’s degree, she graduated Wuhan University.
Deep in the education industry, she has served as a lecturer in the international MBA program of US stock listed companies, a consultant in the consulting department of Price Water House Coopers (Education business line), and a university project leader in the Beijing office of Junior Achievement (the world's largest non-profit youth education organization). Career Planner, which provides vocational education courses and one-to-one counseling services to over 4000 university students and professionals.

Head of Residential

She graduated from Civil Aviation University of China majoring in English
She has worked as ESS Aviation Support Officer, Rose English K3-S2 English teacher, and Child Walker International Program Specialist with three years of education and outdoor experience. She has obtained MHK Certificate, TOEIC Advanced Certificate and Kayak Paddle board Certificate.

Ming Lv
Activities Teacher of JPED Academy

Bachelor's degree in Human Resources from China Jiaotong University and bachelor's degree in French from Lille, France. Full of enthusiasm for tourism and sports, visited more than 30 countries and regions in the world; certain understanding of the food, accommodation, culture and other relevant contents in different countries and regions; familiar with the planning of routes; love in competitive sports; research on the competition rules and training methods of all sports. Capable of distinguishing teaching level of professional coaches.