Great news! JPED School is officially accredited by Cognia, the world's leading international school accreditation body


Great news! JPED School is officially accredited by Cognia, the world's leading international school accreditation body

"If the school is accredited by Cognia, it will tell parents that the school is fully capable of nurturing your child and achieving the same quality standards as good schools around the world."

-- Cognia Certification Officer


Recently, JPED Academy become one formal member of Cognia, that is the largest non-profit international school accreditation authority in the world, with outstanding results and high scores. 



Passing the accreditation with high scores fully illustrates that JPED Academy has reached the standard level of global international schools in multiple dimensions, such as educational philosophy, campus management, teaching and research ability, campus culture construction, student activities, and college placement etc., and has a high-level and professional training program that be in accord with international standards.


What is Cognia certification?


Cognia is the world's largest non-profit accrediting authority for international schools. Formerly known as AdvancED, Cognia has a history of more than 120 years, serving more than 36,000 schools, nearly 25 million students and 5 million educators in 85 countries and regions.Graduates from its accredited schools are equally qualified to apply to universities around the world as those from American schools.


A school with Cognia accreditation will obtain in three of the six regions at the same time, which includes the North Central Association of Colleges and Universities (NCA CASI), the South Association of Colleges and Universities (SACS CASI), and the Northwest Association of Colleges and Universities (NWAC).


Cognia certification is comprehensive and rigorous


Cognia fully focuses on the three dimensions of Leadership pacity Domain, Learning Capacity Domain and Resource pacity Domain in the certification process. An authoritative and comprehensive assessment of the school based on 60 criteria, including teaching philosophy, curriculum, faculty team, teaching management and operational management.


The accreditation process not only helps the school to improve its teaching and management, but also allows professional evaluators to visit the school and focus on the substantial progress the school has made in the past few years. As for our school's accreditation, Cognia focuses on the improvement and evaluation of the school's quality, also requires interviews with teachers, students and parents to understand their evaluation of the school's teaching and management.What's more, parental satisfaction with the school is factored into Cognia's overall assessment of the school.


Cognia certification benefits


Cognia accreditation means that the JPED Academy is in the same class with outstanding schools around the world. The school is highly recognized by universities around the world. The school's transcripts and diplomas are endorsed by Cognia, which gives students more advantages and competitiveness when applying for world-renowned universities.In the future, JPED Academy will make a new leap forward in the global recruitment of faculty and the cooperation with top-notched universities in the world.


In the future, Cognia will continue to receive support from Cognia in academic and curriculum, faculty development, and school operation in order to help JPED Academy continue to achieve excellence performance and to provide JPEDer with more and better international learning platforms.


Continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence of the JPED Academy

During the accreditation process, the Cognia accreditation officers were deeply impression because JPED Academy is a unique school. The combination of CCSS curriculum system and PBL project-based learning is very distinctive in its educational characteristics, and the customized training approach of the school reaches the requirements of future education.


CCSS curriculum system


JPED Academy adopted the Common Core State Standards(CCSS), which is the unified teaching standard for K-12 (Grade 12 from preschool to high school graduation) and the national curriculum standard of the United States.Forty-six states, representing 80 percent of the nation's school-age children, now adopt the curriculum standards.


The SAT is designed according to CCSS curriculum standards.


According to the CCSS curriculum system, JPED Academy offers several core courses, such as STEM courses, humanities courses, art courses, Chinese courses and physical education courses, which lays a solid foundation for students' general studies and cultivates students' concept and ability of lifelong learning.


PBL project-based learning


JPED Academy is "the first school in China to carry out whole-case independent research and interdisciplinary study of PBL", and PBL projects have been fully implemented.


Every academic year, students will participate in 8-10 PBL projects with different themes and disciplines, and integrate the academic knowledge they have learned.





Through PBL (Project-Based Learning), students not only solve complex, unconventional and extremely challenging problems in real life, but also cultivate students' communication skills, critical innovation and other high-level abilities. Project-based teaching seems complicated and cumbersome, but it is not. Give back the leading power of the classroom to the students, and apply the knowledge points to real life. When the problem setters become students themselves, trust them, and they will give themselves a satisfactory answer. In this process, the teacher gives inspiration and guide to students to gradually cultivate critical thinking and perspective through PBL.





Individualized training


JPED Academy pays attention to the personalized development of students, makes its own learning plan, and provides one-to-one guidance tutors. It is committed to exploring each student's own characteristics and strengths, cultivating their comprehensive abilities, including hands-on practice ability, teamwork ability, public speaking ability, innovative critical thinking, etc., to cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial leaders for the future world.


UN Sustainable Development Goals Youth Forum and Model United Nations Conference

Attended the keynote speech of 2021 China World Jade Forum


JPED Academy supports students to conduct practical exploration in multiple fields, continuously develops their leadership and language expression ability, and encourages students to perceive problems, be curious about a field, and find the direction through continuous practice.image.jpg



JPED Academy encourages students to explore in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship and gives them full support.At present, Orion ORI, an intelligent all-terrain new energy motorcycle developed by an environmental protection startup company founded by our students, has been exhibited in the 20th China International Motorcycle Expo CIMA Motor 2022.


Excellent educational achievements


Founded in 2016, JPED Academy adopts the innovative teaching model of CCSS American high school curriculum combined with PBL Project-Based Learning). It has been recognized by many higher education systems in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and other countries. It has won a number of international and world-class academic competition awards.


Up to now, there are 31 graduates of JPED Academy in two classes, who have received 210 offers from overseas famous schools, and 70% of the students have received decent scholarships totaling 10.0521 million yuan.



In the accreditation preparation and audit process, all faculty, staffs, students and parents of JPED Academy showed enthusiasm and sincere attitude infected to Cognia accreditation team.


Students of JPED Academy through the logical and clear thinking of expression to illustrate the style of JPEDer. They are confident, enthusiastic, positive and critical thinking to speak up about things and have high expectations for the future.









For the JPED, the "Cognia" certification is not an end, but a new beginning. Cognia certification not only proves that JPED's philosophy and teaching methods have reached the leading edge of global education, but also brings JPED to the wider international stage.


In the future, JPED will continue to adhere to its original aspiration, continue to innovate and surpass, and provide more high-quality overseas education resources for students of JPED.


May all of Gen Z (Generation Z ): Veritas, Excellence,Compassion, Passionate.